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DES Action CanadaRate This Site


Fragile X SyndromeRate This Site


UAB Department of Obstetrics and GynecologyRate This Site
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( - Obstetrics: Pregnancy PathophysiologyRate This Site
Pregnancy Pathophysiology Add a URL! If you would like to suggest a resource that should be included at, please fill out this form. Group Health Northwest HMO: Evidence-Based Guidelines

Deborah A. Driscoll, M.D.Rate This Site
Address: Division of Reproductive Genetics Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital University of Pennsylvania 3400 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104

References to Research on TamponsRate This Site
Toxic Shock Syndrome and Fiber Type Analysis of New Generation Tampons for Propensity to Amplify Staphylococcus Aureus Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin by Tierno, B.

AIDS Knowledge Base - Chapter 6.3, Reference 28Rate This Site
Riley LE; Tuomala RE. Bacillary angiomatosis in a pregnant patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Address: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.

DES Action USARate This Site
Non-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about DES (diethylstilbestrol) and helping DES-exposed individuals. Publishes on various aspects of DES exposure and provide a link between DES-exposed people, researchers, and the medical communit

DES Cancer NetworkRate This Site
Organization that addresses the special needs of women who have clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina and/or cervix, a rare cancer linked to exposure to diethylstilbestrol before birth

DES Daughters Mailing List and Online Support GroupRate This Site
Email online support group for daughters exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES), which can result in infertility, reproductive abnormalities and other problems. Password-protected bulletin board, live chat and virtual seminars

DES Granddaughters May Be at RiskRate This Site
Third generation women exposed to DES (diethylstilbestrol), may be at a greater risk of developing gynecologic cancer

Prof Sally's DES WebsiteRate This Site
Information about diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure in-utero. FAQs and women's health links

Questions and Answers About DESRate This Site
Information from the National Cancer Institute about DES (diethylstilbestrol) and its potential effects on mothers who have taken the drug and daughters and sons who were exposed to it in utero

Testimony on DESRate This Site
Stephanie Kanarek's testimony before the US House Judiciary Committee on the effects of diethylstilbestrol

ARC Known Carcinogens: DiethylstilbestrolRate This Site
Information on the potential carcinogenicity of DES

Carcinogenicity of DiethylstilbestrolRate This Site
A study of the structural basis of the carcinogenicity of diethylstilbestrol (DES) and metabolites


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